There are three Terminal Examinations and three Mid – Term tests in the course of the year. In addition, Cycle tests are conducted every week for all classes. The minimum marks for a pass is 35% in all subjects valued answer scripts will be returned to the students and the marks will be entered in the progress report by the Class Teacher.
The Evaluation is done through continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) method in which 60% marks are allotted for SA( Summative Assessment) and 40% for FA( Formative Assessment). The percentage of marks are not given only grades are given as shown below


(i)No book or paper of any kind is to be brought to the Examination Hall by the pupils and nothing should be written on the question paper. Every pupil should have the required writing and drawing materials and no lending or borrowing is permitted in the Examination Hall. Students should bring only transparent pouches during Examinations.
(ii) Absolute silence is to be maintained in the Examination Hall. Pupils who make use of unfair means during examinations will be severely dealt with; even those help others in any way to have recourse to unfair means will be punished. Punishment will be to the extent of dismissal.
(iii) A student who is found copying or helping another student will be awarded zero mark in that particular subject. Student will also be dismissed from the school according to the discretion of the Principal.


After the Mid – term tests and the Terminal Examinations the scripts of the students will be sent to the parents through their children for their perusal and signature and they should be returned within three days.
Progress Report showing the application of the pupils and their results will be given to the parents after the Mid – Term tests and Terminal Examinations. On the opening day the students whose parents do not turn up for the OPEN DAY will no be permitted into the class the following day.


The most important thing in eduction which we teach to students is discipline.Parents needs to understand this and give support from their side as well.


Prayer Session --- 09:15a.m to 09.30a.m

Morning Session --- 09:30a.m to 12.20p.m

Evening Session --- 01.00p.m to 04.20p.m

Office Hours --- 09.00a.m to 05.30p.m